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Class Action Settlement Unclaimed Money

The objective of Liquid Claims is to assist clients in taking part in every eligible securities class action lawsuit settlement. We are able to achieve this determined by our proprietary data analytic software. Our monitoring and optimization platform permits us to securely match client transactions to eligible securities class action settlements, taking into account corporate actions as well as other important variables that impact their ultimate recovery. We partner using a dynamic combination of financial service firms and institutional investors, including: Hedge Funds, Registered Investment Advisors, Proprietary Trading Firms, Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, and Family Offices.

Class action lawsuit in a massive amount industries, products and services certainly are a large and growing method to obtain unclaimed funds. Annually hundreds of publication rack included in class action lawsuit litigation. These belong to numerous broad categories including: Securities Fraud (insider trading and mismanagement)

Consumer Protection (fraudulent marketing)
Public Health (tobacco)
Antitrust (unfair business practices and price fixing)
Human Rights (unfair practices and discrimination)
Environment (pollution)
Defective products (defective products causing or involving compensation for injuries)
Recent class action lawsuit settlements have exceeded $11 billion ($5 billion in 2006 alone), yet over fifty percent of the qualified for payment fail to file claims.

Current and former customers and stockholders in over 2000 publication rack entitled to receive unclaimed class action lawsuit settlement payments. Legal notice of class action claims eligibility can often be buried deep in newspaper classifieds. If you have moved, physically hold stock certificates, or hold stock in street name and switch brokers, you will possibly not be notified.

Even when something was used in years past or stock has for many years been sold, class members may qualify to acquire cash, credits, shares or distributions in companies like AOL, AT&T, Ford, GM, Dow Corning, Coca Cola, NASDAQ, Publishers Clearing House, Bank of America, MCI, Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Wal-Mart and a huge selection of others.

When you a current or former customer or stockholder inside a company named in the class action law suit, you should file an insurance claim to acquire your share. Because many class actions are filed in federal court, settlement payments to class members will not likely make an appearance in a condition Unclaimed Property Division search and in contrast to almost every other unclaimed money there's a time period limit through which the settlement need to be claimed.

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